Photoelectric Effect

Volt-ampere characteristics of vacuum photocell

View on experiment – pilot light for LED 940 nm
Note: Camera distorts colors.

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Mercury lamp

Photocell state  –  validity of experimental data:

Remaining time:


Caution: Photocell cools during 3 min! Turn off only if no one is waiting in queue!

LED 940 nm   (measurement with darked photocell – position F6, test with camera)


Amplification   (High amplification recommended)


Measurement with resistance:

Description and instruction (old english version)

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Volt-ampere characteristics of vacuum photocell
Control voltage on photocell
Manually:  (Fast change causes bigger noise!)

Change wavelength – filter selection

Chosen filter:

Current filter:

Measurement record with graph and data export  (graph below)
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